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marraontheroad's Journal

Marrapessa On The Road
16 July 1983
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Hello, Livejournal users...

It isn't my real name but it is a handy name that has stuck with me for years now so you may all call me Marra. Its short for Marrapessa, which is a variation of Marpessa which is the name of a mythological Greek princess. Look her up, she's awesome.

I am also awesome, more or less. I am 25, going to college right now, another year until I get my degree, bah. This account is really for me to use to chronicle my journey to getting in shape. People of the internet can say what they will about it, I know who I am and they don't. An important thing to know about me and my struggle with my physical condition is that I have Elher's Danlos syndrome, which is a genetic joint defect, fibromyalgia, also genetic, and chronic fatigue syndrome, which piggy backs the fibromyalgia. These conditions make it hard to get up out of bed some days, hard to be physically active on a regular basis, and unsafe for me to play sports. I am allowed to swim and walk, and do light aerobic exercises. That is of course, when my body isn't laughing at me and poking me with a stick. From the inside. I spent half of high school in a wheelchair, had two major ankle surgeries, and spent years trying to find the right treatments and medications to let me live as regular a life as possible. So now, that process being more or less complete, I want to try to lose the weight I put on over the years.
So I'm on here, just looking to express myself, maybe get some support, and try my best to get into some shape other than round.